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Дата добавления: 2016-11-09

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My bills are all due and the baby needs shoes and I'm busted Cotton is down to a quarter a pound, but I'm busted I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won't lay A big stack of bills that gets bigger each day The county's gonna haul my belongings away cause I'm busted. I went to my brother to ask for a loan cause I was busted I hate to beg like a dog without his bone, but I'm busted My brother said there ain't a thing I can do, My wife and my kids are all down with the flu, And I was just thinking about calling on you 'cause I'm busted. Well, I am no thief, but a man can go wrong when he's busted The food that we canned last summer is gone and I'm busted The fields are all bare and the cotton won't grow, Me and my family got to pack up and go, But I'll make a living, just where I don't know cause I'm busted. I'm broke, no bread, I mean like nothing

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